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Our Team

A team of highly talented individuals with 30  years total experience in Digital Marketing and Website Development. 

Our company grows from a humble group of three when it started wayback 2013 to more than 25 currently. 

Tinlef Dawnfury

CEO/Software Engineer
Mountain biking Vampire Weekend exploring the city Ethiopian. Down to earth snowboarding new friends running shoes Neutral Milk Hotel, if you think we have something in common I'm pretty laid-back sleeping late Kurosawa I have a crush on.

Lee Fang

Lead SEO Developer/Marketing Manager
A believer of total human development. An active hockey player on weekends and a funny santa claus on christmas. Has developed passion for search engine optimisation way back 9 years ago.

Kim Zhun

Website Graphic Artist/Business Development Manager
Prolific graphic designer by day, a power mom by night. Earned her masters degree in business but discovered doing graphics design as my passion.